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Time recording working time

Agency software for time recording

Waking up dormant resources through intelligent administration

QuoJob time tracking software is specifically designed for the needs and workflows of the agency business, providing you with intuitive and user-friendly time tracking features that make it easy to track your time quickly, accurately and effectively. With QuoJob’s efficient time tracking, you can focus on what really matters: your projects and customers.

Smart time recording for agencies

Simplify your day-to-day agency life with these smart features

Easy to understand time recording

With intuitive time tracking, you can flexibly track your time according to your favorite workflows. Thanks to clear diagrams, you always keep an eye on your time budgets.

Individual working and project times

With the handy Quick Action stopwatch, you can instantly see how long a task will take and adjust your work and project times at any time. ECJ-compliant working time recording and real-time data access ensure that everything is documented correctly.

Clear controlling

The automatic allocation of your working time makes controlling a breeze. With accurate data and automated reporting, you’ll have everything under control, including approvals for vacation days.

Fair time recording

Accurately tracking your hours ensures that you and your team are paid fairly and correctly. Use the stopwatch or manual entry to avoid missing billable hours.

Clever resource planning

You know how important it is to use your employees’ time effectively. With our time tracking feature, you can optimally plan and manage resources to always stay on schedule.

Increase motivation and efficiency

Don’t waste time with complicated time tracking software. QuoJob’s easy time tracking allows you and your colleagues to focus on your tasks and increases your motivation by transparently displaying your performance.


More transparency for all

The professional time tracking feature increases transparency in your agency by allowing you and your colleagues to track working hours and project progress in real time.

Fast and accurate budget control

Thanks to precise recording of working hours, you keep the budget under control and can create invoices in no time.


Avoid overtime

By accurately recording work hours, you can reduce overtime by effectively scheduling and distributing work time.

Comply with laws safely

The professional time tracking function helps you to easily comply with working time regulations and the documentation of working hours.

Time tracking for agencies with excellent support

Short training period thanks to personal training, online tutorials and excellent personal service

Getting started with QuoJob time tracking for agencies is super easy. Together, we identify your needs and create a customized setup to best map and optimize your internal processes and workflows. So that you can get started right away, we make all the necessary settings together and are happy to train you and your team in a workshop remotely or directly at your site. In addition, free tutorials and of course we ourselves are always personally available to assist you. Try QuoJob now for free and see for yourself!

Time recordingg simply easy

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What our partners say

"Comprehensive agency software that also maps complex workflows and requirements and has replaced many stand-alone solutions for us, as all the required functions, reporting, etc. are simply offered in one. This saves us a lot of manual effort and licensing costs. Top - we are very satisfied!"

Astrid Sill

"QuoJob is a comprehensive agency solution that "doesn't leave a dry eye in the house." In addition to self-evident functions such as accounting, contact management, time recording, job organization and appointment management, we also like to use the sophisticated CRM and project management functions. The complete HR management with working time and vacation administration also runs via Quo. The fact that all agency workflows can be mapped in Quo and that all information levels are interlinked, we always have a representative picture of our entire corporate activities in real time. This makes us capable of acting at any time. We are real "Quo fans".:D"

Jens Pfannenschmidt (LOOKone)

"As a large PR and communications agency, we have been working with QuoJob for ten years and we are very satisfied. The software is subject to regular updates in order to stay up to date. In addition, the contact persons are very competent and friendly. Can only recommend."

Dirk blue clay

"With the new QuoJob version, we got a new interface. Very modern and very easy to use. It's just amazing what the software can do! You always find more features and always have a way to expand it! The customer service is 1A! Every call does not end up in nirvana but immediately with an expert service employee. Accompaniment during the introductory phase and support afterwards can only be rated with 5 stars. I am looking forward to further cooperation and the other modules we have ordered. Thank you and thumbs up."

Marvin Renner

"We love the software. Took a lot of work off our hands and since then we have everything structured in one place. Whenever we have problems, the support is always there to help. Can only recommend (:"

peoplegrapher GmbH

FAQ: Time recording for agencies

Is your question about QuoJob time tracking for agencies still open?

Our team will be happy to help you – write to us!

Why do agencies need their own time tracking?

There are several reasons why agencies need their own time tracking:

Billing: Agencies usually charge for their services on an hourly basis. Accurate time tracking is therefore essential to correctly bill for services rendered and to ensure that customers only pay for time actually worked.

Project Management: Accurate time tracking allows agencies to track the progress of a project and ensure it is completed within the timeframe. The data can also help you evenly distribute the workload of your employees and identify bottlenecks.

Resource management: With accurate time tracking for agencies, resources can be better planned and optimized. For example, if you find that a particular project is taking too much time, you can take steps to streamline workflow or allocate additional resources.

Employee motivation: Transparent time tracking can also help to increase the motivation of your employees. When employees see that their work hours and performance are accurately tracked, they are better able to focus on their work and successes.

What are the biggest advantages of QuoJob agency time tracking software?

QuoJob time tracking for agencies offers a variety of benefits, including:

Accuracy: QuoJob allows employees to accurately record and track their work time, resulting in accurate billing and project budgets.

Flexibility: The software is very flexible and can be adapted to the individual needs of your agency. For example, different rates can be set for different customers or projects.

Automation: Our agency time tracking software can automate a variety of tasks, including invoicing and reporting, saving time and effort.

Ease of use: QuoJob’s user interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing employees to quickly learn the ropes.

Mobility: QuoJob’s mobile app allows employees to record their working hours on the go, which is especially convenient when working on-site at customers’ locations.

Integration: QuoJob is an all-in-one solution that offers you not only time tracking but also all other functions such as CRM, project management, accounting and much more to smartly link and optimize the processes in your agency. All functions are modular and are optionally available when you need them.

Overall, QuoJob Time Tracking for Agencies provides an effective and flexible solution for agencies that want to accurately track and manage their working hours and projects.

How easy is it to set up the QuoJob software?

Setting up QuoJob time tracking for agencies is relatively simple and straightforward. There are several ways to install QuoJob, depending on your agency’s unique needs. The simplest option is to use the cloud-based version of QuoJob, which is accessible via the Internet and does not require installation on a local server. The agency only needs to create an account and log in to use the software.

Alternatively, QuoJob can be installed on a local server if the agency wants more control over its data. We’ll set up QuoJob for you and work with you on your individual configuration and customization options to ensure QuoJob perfectly maps your unique needs so you can get up and running quickly and easily. In addition, we offer you and your team training and workshops on all areas of your agency remotely or on-site.

How user-friendly is QuoJob time tracking for agencies for employees?

QuoJob time tracking for agencies is very user-friendly and easy to use, both for employees and managers. The software has an intuitive user interface that is easy to learn. QuoJob’s time tracking feature is designed to be very simple, allowing employees to record their working hours quickly and easily. Employees can enter their working hours manually or use the integrated stopwatch function to record time automatically.

In addition, QuoJob offers a mobile app that employees can use to record their working hours on the road and at customer sites. The mobile app is also very user-friendly and offers the same features as the desktop version of QuoJob.

The software also offers a variety of configuration and customization options, allowing agencies to tailor the time tracking function to their specific needs. For example, different rates can be set for different customers or projects to simplify billing and costing.

Can time tracking for agencies be used from mobile devices?

Yes, QuoJob can be operated from mobile devices. QuoJob offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that allows users to access all of the software’s features on the go. The mobile app allows users to record their work time, update project data, manage client and contact information, and access other QuoJob features.

Does the agency software for time recording support different working time models (e.g. shift work, flextime)?

Yes, QuoJob time tracking for agencies supports different working time models and offers flexible configuration of working hours to meet the needs of your business.

The software allows setting up different working time models such as full-time, part-time, flexible working time and shift work. Agencies can also define and manage vacations and vacation time to ensure employees are paid correctly according to their work schedules and work agreements.

QuoJob also provides various functions for managing overtime and vacation days, including calculating overtime pay and managing vacation quotas. Agency time tracking software can also automatically compensate for overtime and manage leave requests and approvals.

The flexible working time models and working time management features in QuoJob Time Tracking for Agencies make it possible to accurately manage working time arrangements and ensure that employees are paid correctly according to their contracts.

Can employees also record their times manually with the QuoJob time tracking software?

Employees can record their work hours both manually and automatically, depending on the agency’s needs and employee preferences.

QuoJob time tracking for agencies offers various options for recording working time. Employees can enter their working hours manually or use the integrated stopwatch function to record time automatically. The stopwatch function can be started and stopped when the employee starts or stops working.

In addition, employees can also record their working hours via the QuoJob mobile app, which also supports manual entry or use of the stopwatch function.

Automatic recording of working hours is also possible by the software recognizing certain activities on the employee’s computer and automatically recording them as working time. This is an optional feature that you can optionally use and configure for specific employees or projects as needed.

Can QuoJob time tracking for agencies generate reports that allow detailed analysis of working hours?

Yes, QuoJob can generate reports that allow detailed analysis of working hours. The software offers a variety of reporting options to help agencies monitor and analyze employee work schedules.

Our time tracking for agencies offers a wide range of standard reports such as hourly logs, project hours, employee hours and cost analysis reports. These reports can be filtered and sorted by various criteria such as customers, projects, employees, workspaces and other parameters to provide a detailed analysis of working hours.

In addition, QuoJob also offers the possibility to save report templates. So once you’ve put together the setting that’s right for you from our variety of report options, you can simply save this as a template and mark it as a favorite. Thus, the evaluation and analysis of your time recording for agencies is quick and clear!

Reports can be exported in various formats, such as PDF, Excel and CSV, for easy integration with other tools and systems.

How secure is employee and customer data and how is it protected?

The security and protection of employee data is of the utmost importance to QuoJob. Our agency time tracking software has several security features and protocols to ensure that employee data is protected.

Initially, QuoJob is operated as a cloud service by a professional hosting provider that has state-of-the-art security technologies and protocols. The hosting infrastructure is redundant and has multiple firewalls and security monitoring systems to protect the data against unauthorized access and threats.

In addition, our time tracking for agencies offers a variety of functions to control access to employee data. Access rights can be configured for different user groups and individual users to ensure that only authorized persons can access the data.

QuoJob also provides automatic backup and restore functionality to ensure that employee data is available and protected at all times. Data is backed up regularly and stored in a secure environment for quick disaster recovery.

Overall, the security of employee data is a major concern for QuoJob, and our agency time tracking software provides a robust and secure infrastructure to ensure that data is protected and complies with applicable data protection regulations.

Can QuoJob be integrated with other systems, e.g. accounting systems or personnel management systems?

Yes, QuoJob time tracking for agencies can be integrated with other systems, including payroll systems and HR management systems. The software has various integration options and APIs that allow seamless integration with other tools and systems.

For example, our agency time tracking software offers integration with accounting and billing systems such as DATEV, Sage, Lexware and others. The integration enables invoices and statements to be created and exported automatically to simplify the billing process.

In addition, QuoJob also offers integration with HR management systems such as SAP and other HR tools. The integration makes it possible to automatically synchronize employee data and export working time data for payroll.

QuoJob also has an API interface that allows your agency to seamlessly integrate and flow data with other tools and systems.

Overall, our time tracking for agencies offers comprehensive integration options to facilitate collaboration and data exchange with other systems and optimize workflows.

What is the pricing for QuoJob time tracking for agencies and how is QuoJob licensed?

The cost of QuoJob time tracking for agencies depends on several factors, such as the number of users, the features selected and the type of licensing. QuoJob offers different licensing models to meet the needs of different agencies, each at a fair price.

The cloud-based version of our time tracking software is licensed on a monthly or annual subscription basis. The cost of the subscription varies depending on the number of users and the features selected. QuoJob offers several subscription plans suitable for small and large agencies. Alternatively, QuoJob time tracking for agencies can also be installed and licensed on a local server. The cost of local installation also depends on the number of users, the number of licenses and the selected features. Licensing is typically based on a one-time payment that covers the software license and maintenance for a specified period of time. The exact costs for local installation depend on the individual requirements of the agency and must be requested from QuoJob or an authorized partner. You can find a calculation example under fair pricing. For an individual offer contact us without obligation.

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