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The open interface is an essential part of our modern agency solution. Thanks to open interface, you can seamlessly connect different systems and applications to automate your workflows, standardize communication and accommodate custom requirements to enable smooth communication between QuoJob and your other software applications. If necessary, we develop custom-fit solutions for your challenges and jump over your hurdles together with you.

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Custom interface

Individual interfaces allow you to adapt your QuoJob system to specific requirements and processes. These customizations can affect both functionality and user interface to provide an optimal solution for your business.

DATEV interface

The DATEV interface is a special interface that connects the QuoJob system with the DATEV system. This interface enables easy data exchange, streamlining financial reporting and compliance.

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We develop your individual solution

Unique solutions for unique requirements

QuoJob understands that every business has different needs and challenges. By offering you customized solutions, QuoJob enables you to get software that is tailored to your specific needs, so you don’t have to compromise.

Maximum efficiency and productivity

With a customized software solution tailored to your business processes, you can ensure that your employees work more efficiently and productively. This leads to improved performance and therefore ultimately higher profits for your company.

Seamless integration and data consistency

Customized solutions from QuoJob allow seamless integration with your existing systems and applications. This facilitates data exchange and ensures that all departments in your agency always have access to up-to-date information.

Innovative strength and competitive advantage

A custom-developed software solution allows you to implement innovative features and processes that your competitors may not be using. This will allow you to stand out from the crowd and help your business succeed in a competitive industry.

Long-term partnership and support

When you choose a custom solution from QuoJob, you not only get customized software, but also a long-term partnership with a dedicated team that will help you implement, maintain, and enhance your solution.

Continuous improvement and adaptation

QuoJob is focused on continuously improving and adapting our custom solutions to ensure they are always in line with current requirements and trends. This gives you a future-proof solution that grows and evolves with your agency.

QuoJob’s custom development offers you unique and flexible solutions that are tailored to your needs and help your agency stay successful and competitive.

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Rechnungsdatenservice in QuoJob

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FAQ: QuoJob interfaces & individual solutions

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How does a REST API work?

The REST API is a web-based interface that allows information and data to be exchanged between QuoJob and other applications. The REST API uses standardized methods like http (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) for data exchange and supports different data formats like JSON or XML. This allows different systems to communicate and synchronize data easily and efficiently.

How can I customize my interface to meet individual requirements?

To adapt the QuoJob interface to your individual requirements, our experienced QuoJob software developers will make the necessary adjustments and extensions for you.

What role does security play in interfaces?

Security is a crucial aspect when implementing interfaces, as sensitive business data is exchanged. At QuoJob, we make sure that the interface has appropriate security mechanisms such as encryption, authentication and regular security updates. We also subject our interface to regular security reviews and tests to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

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