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Invest your time and resources in more productive tasks by using digital accounting to simplify many of your accounting processes.

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Digital accounting


Optimize your efficiency and accuracy with digital invoice processing

Invoice entry accounting

Digitize accounting

With QuoJob digital accounting you generate your quotes & invoices automatically

  • Writing invoices has never been so simple and straightforward – especially for recurring invoices.
  • The individual design of your corporate identity is automatically added to your business letters.
  • Free positions, text modules or headlines – there are no limits to your design.
  • Billing and status of all offers or orders can be viewed very clearly and centrally with QuoJob.

digital accounting

Thanks to digital accounting software you will never again lose track of your open items

  • Create an OPOS list with just one click and quickly and easily check the payment status of all your outgoing invoices.
  • Generate a dunning run in an uncomplicated way if the worst comes to the worst. With just one click, you can directly create multiple reminders at the same time.
  • For further dunning runs, the dunning level is automatically adjusted.
open items invoice management
Export DATEV accounting

simple FiBu export

Lightning-fast, effortless workflows thanks to paperless accounting

  • Your invoices are simply transferred from QuoJob to your financial accounting software. The pendulum folder is a thing of the past!
  • Compatible with DATEV, Lexware, Diamant or SAP formats.

Automated banking

Digital accounting software makes online banking & payment term management a breeze

  • Never miss your payment deadlines again thanks to clear filter function of the digital accounting software.
  • The interface to online banking allows you to make collective transfers in just one step.
  • Direct debits are prepared for the bank in one step from QuoJob.
Banking SEPA automated

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Digitize accounting

Invest your time and resources in more productive tasks by using digital accounting to automate many of your accounting processes in the future.

Fast, paperless accounting

Say goodbye to chaotic and time-consuming paperwork – in the future, digital receipt entry will find your receipts within seconds using smart search and filter functions.



Digital document capture for error prevention

Error-prone processes and lost receipts are a thing of the past – thanks to efficient digital accounting.

Accounting Software Cloud

Digital accounting software creates flexibility – in the future, keep track of all your business transactions from anywhere thanks to digital receipt entry and complete your accounting tasks from the comfort of your home office.

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FAQ: Digital accounting

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How can I digitize my accounting?

QuoJob offers you an ideal solution for digital document capture, this applies to both incoming and outgoing invoices. Here, all receipts are stored digitally and centrally in the accounting software cloud. There are various options for this, such as the scanning of receipts or the automatic transfer of data from digital receipts from e-mails or downloads – as easy as drag and drop.

What are the advantages of digital accounting?

Digital accounting offers many advantages over traditional paper accounting. Benefit from:

  • Time savings: Automatic processing of accounting data and paperless accounting can speed up processes and thus save time.
  • Clarity: By digitally capturing and storing receipts and accounting data, you have access to your accounting records anytime, anywhere. This allows you to be much more flexible with your work.
  • High data security: digital storage of receipts and accounting data on the accounting software cloud prevents loss or damage of records.
What are the possibilities of accounting software + cloud?

A key advantage of the accounting software cloud is its flexible use. By using accounting software in the cloud, you can access your accounting records from anywhere. Furthermore, the effort for your own data backup and data storage, as well as the storage of your receipts in paper form is eliminated.

How can QuoJob help with digital accounting?

QuoJob is a specialized agency solution that helps agencies with accounting and billing, among other things. With QuoJob, all relevant data can be captured and processed digitally, greatly simplifying billing:

  • QuoJob offers an ideal solution for your paperless accounting, where all invoices and receipts are digitally captured and filed. This eliminates the need for tedious and error-prone paperwork.
  • Creating quotations, invoices and credit notes is easy and fast with QuoJob. Here, for example, project data and working hours can also be transferred directly to the payroll, if desired.
  • In addition, QuoJob also offers integration with various banks and payment service providers, which enables fast processing of payments and transactions.
What does digital accounting cost?

Overall, the cost of digital accounting depends on various factors, such as company size and scope of accounting, and can therefore vary greatly. One thing is clear, however: digital accounting can be significantly cheaper for you in the long run than conventional paper accounting:

  • Focus: Thanks to automated processes in digital accounting, you can save a lot of time and focus on other tasks, which saves on personnel costs.
  • Efficiency: Digital accounting increases your efficiency and reduces the likelihood of avoidable but costly errors. These include penalties and fines due to incorrect accounting, but also the loss of customers due to incorrect invoicing of an order, to name just a few examples.
  • Scalability: digital accounting allows for easy scalability, which means that accounting can be quickly and easily customized to meet the needs of your business. This can save costs in the long term, as accounting remains flexible and adaptable.
  • Lower paper and printing costs: eliminating paper receipts can help your agency save money in the long run and meet environmental goals.

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