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QuoJob Changelogs

Learn everything you need to know about QuoJob Changelogs and how you can use them to optimize your work processes. We will introduce you to the most important advantages and show you how you can easily keep track of all the innovations.

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What are QuoJob changelogs?

QuoJob Changelogs are the continuously updated logs that document all new features, improvements and bug fixes in the QuoJob software. Regular updates keep improving the software so that you are always up to date with the latest technology and can organize your workflows more efficiently.

Version 4.105

Project Management

  • The order of the tasks is now re-indexed According to “new”


  • From now on the new message “Hours target exceeded” will be generated
  • Added warning levels for the “Hours target exceeded” message


  • Extras Caldav now has a restriction for retroactive dates


  • Offer and invoice columns in report job list Ang|Ar in CSV export separated into date, no, amount. (Previously combined into one column)

Version 4.104


  • Performance record now also shows total hours


  • Added a filter for valid media rates depending on the placement date in media placements.
  • The selectbox for the order position/media circuit now shows more text.
  • The selectbox for the order item/media circuit now shows the price in a separate line.
  • The selectbox for the order position/media placement now shows the price for media placements.


    • Appointment series and appointments where the creator is NOT included in the appointment now get another special participant who acts as the organizer. If Exchange synchronization is used, it must be available in the organization.
    • No default organizer is now added for private appointments, even if the creator is not the participant (vacation / illness).
    • Appointments are now transferred from QuoJob to Exchange in real time, not via a background service.
    • Vacation and sick leave are transferred to Exchange.


    • New “Working hours” report
    • In the report Incoming Invoice Ledger you can select the vendor.

    Print dialog

    • PDF attachments can be set as multi-page attachments via “Admin


    • MyTime
    • The rebooking of hours is neither possible from internal to productive, nor the other way around.

    Version 4.99


    • Display in Report TimeCaptureTarget/Actual now in decimal numbers instead of as time specification


    • Extensions for the REST API

    General stability and performance improvements

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    The most important advantages of changelogs

    Always up to date

    Through the QuoJob changelogs you always find out immediately what changes have been made in the software. This allows you to quickly adapt to new features and integrate them directly into your processes.

    Better plannability

    Thanks to the regular updates and transparent communication via the changelogs, you can better estimate which new features or improvements will be available in the future. This helps you to plan and optimize your workflows and projects accordingly.

    Faster troubleshooting

    If you encounter problems or bugs in the software, you can use the changelogs to find out if the problem is already known and will be fixed in a future update. This way you can better estimate if and when you can expect a solution.


    Due to the constant development of QuoJob software, you can be sure that it will adapt to the needs and requirements of your company. This way, you benefit from a software solution that is tailored exactly to your needs.

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    Rechnungsdatenservice in QuoJob

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    FAQ: QuoJob Changelogs

    Did your question about our QuoJob changelogs remain open?

    Our team will be happy to help you –
    write to us.

    How often are QuoJob changelogs updated?

    QuoJob changelogs are usually updated with every major update of the software. The frequency of updates can vary depending on the development phase and requirements, but usually you can expect several updates per year.

    Where can I find the latest QuoJob changelogs?

    You can find the latest QuoJob changelogs directly in the software and here on the QuoJob website.

    How do I implement new functions from the changelogs in practice?

    In order to implement the new functions from the changelogs in practice, it is recommended that you first read the description of the changes in the changelogs carefully. Then you can search for the new function in the software and try it out. If you have any questions or uncertainties, you can contact QuoJob support.

    What do I do if I find a bug in the software?

    If you find a bug in the software that is not yet listed in the changelogs, contact QuoJob Support to report the bug. Our development team will then fix the error as soon as possible.

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