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Retainers for the agency allow you to monitor your budget smartly, control it easily and use your resources more efficiently..

If you’re looking for a smart way to secure your revenue stream through sustainable financial planning that targets your agency’s growth, marketing retainer could be just what you need! Using marketing retainers in the agency allows you to plan for the long term, deliver consistent services and build a stable and reliable relationship with your clients.

Marketing Retainer – the key to smart process optimization

The agency retainer is a fixed fee that a client usually pays to your agency on a monthly basis. This amount covers the ongoing services that your agency provides for the client, such as consulting, implementation of ads and SEO measures, design, creation, programming and any other services you provide for your clients. Your agency determines the amount of the marketing retainer based on the number of hours of services for the client multiplied by your hourly rate. The marketing retainer can also include additional fee costs such as those for external service providers, for example for translations or other outsourced tasks.

The retainer contract enables your agency to offer services on a regular basis and for a fixed monthly fee – similar to a subscription model. This creates a solid basis for easy and trusting cooperation with your customers. This enables your clients to successfully position themselves on the market and achieve their goals, as your team continuously drives the implementation of medium and long-term strategies and goals with the help of the agency retainer.

Advantages of retainer contracts for your agency

Plannable income

Through marketing retainers, which often run for an entire year, your agency knows how much money it will receive on a regular basis. That way you can plan better for the long term.

Plannable capacities

If you know that the marketing retainer will generate regular income, you can also better plan how many employees you need and for which area.

Less acquisition effort

Long-term marketing retainer contracts mean that your agency has to invest less time and money in acquiring new customers.

Stability in uncertain times

In uncertain economic times, retainer agreements can serve as financial safety nets to help keep the business going

Marketing retainers enable your agency to plan budgets and liquidity in the long term

Agency operations are associated with high fixed costs such as salaries, rental costs and leasing rates. Retainer contracts, which usually run for at least 12 months, provide you with a regular, predictable income, making it easier for you to plan and control your budget.

Plannable investments are also of central importance for your customers. As a marketing manager, your client usually has to plan and approve their budget a year in advance. A marketing retainer agreement with a clearly defined scope of work guarantees budget security, allowing your client to secure a variety of agency services without having to request and approve them individually. This makes it easier for you and your client to plan and budget than with a series of individual projects that are billed on a time and material basis.

Advantages of retainer contracts for your agency

Faster response times

Since your agency already works closely with the client and has a fixed number of hours, it can respond more quickly to their requests.


Continuous optimization

With a longer-term marketing retainer, your agency can continuously monitor results and make adjustments to improve performance

Better results

Over time, your agency will gain deeper insights into your client’s industry and their needs and challenges, leading to higher quality advice and better results.

Simpler budget management

With a retainer contract, there is no need for constant negotiations when awarding contracts, clients can manage their budget more clearly and benefit from possible discounts on hourly rates.

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Marketing retainers lead to closer customer loyalty

Retainer agreements arise from the desire for a long-term business relationship. Clients who enter into this type of contract are often more confident about their own business development and the intended duration of their collaboration with you.

These customers know that through a marketing retainer benefit because a retainer agreement allows for a consistent and predictable service from a dedicated, specialized team that knows the brand inside and out and ensures that all projects and content are seamless and consistent. With in-depth knowledge of the market, the brand, the products and the target group, a dedicated team can develop targeted solutions to integrate milestones into the long-term corporate strategy. The continuous implementation of long-term strategic goals and their regular review as part of the retainer agreement ensures that strategies and measures are kept on track and closely monitored.


Marketing retainer contracts provide your agency with the structures for easily plannable capacities

With every new project, you usually have to spend a lot of time negotiating the scope and fee. This includes a detailed briefing, a project overview, schedules, an estimate of the work involved and a quote for the fee. With a marketing retainer contract, things are different: you only negotiate once a year and can then concentrate fully on providing high-quality services instead of negotiating new contracts again and again. This makes everything more efficient, offers you and your customer planning security and saves costs.

A retainer agreement simplifies cooperation, leaves room for flexibility and promotes a long-term partnership. Whether it’s regular tasks, unexpected challenges or frequent requests for support: customers with an agency retainer appreciate simple processes, fast response times and the certainty that they are a priority. With a marketing retainer contract, your clients secure fixed capacities with your agency. You can give your customers a certain degree of flexibility in the use of the agreed services so that your customers can use the full range of your services. This offers them continuous access to expert knowledge and proactive advice, which contributes to the constant optimization and further development of their marketing communication. If urgent requests arise, your team has the agreed number of hours available to respond quickly before the main project continues.

Smart features of the QuoJob Retainer software

Marketing retainer contracts allow your agency to easily monitor and control the budget, use your resources more efficiently and simplify invoicing to optimize your workflow. These are some of the smart features of the QuoJob Retainer software for working with agency retainers:

Overview and billing

When you create a marketing retainer in the QuoJob Retainer software, you can set a specific amount of hours or services via a fixed monthly, one-time or performance-based budget.

You can see at a glance where the budget was too tight in several months and where it might make sense to increase the budget or adjust services.

Defining the marketing retainer budget

With clear dashboards and diagrams, you can see at a glance in the retainer software how well your agency retainer is utilized.

The billing of the retainer incl. automatically generated detailed invoice as PDF as well as invoice proposals, proof of performance and much more at the click of a mouse. Automated invoicing, the option for credit notes and adjustments save you a lot of time in the administrative area.

Smart dashboards

The QuoJob retainer software shows you where the budget has not yet been used up so that you have the perfect overview, for example to schedule freelancers to work on open tasks in order to make the best use of your resources.

With the detailed overview of all marketing retainer activities, you can track the current status in real time at any time in the retainer software.

Retainer contingent management

Marketing retainer: The most common billing models

There are various billing models for retainer agencies, which can be based on the scope of services, duration, commitment and the specific needs of the client. These are the most common models for marketing retainer contracts:

Monthly flat fee

  • Customers pay a fixed amount per month.
  • Covers a predefined amount of work or services.
  • Provides planning security for both parties.

Hourly marketing retainer contract

  • The agency charges a fixed hourly rate.
  • The monthly invoice is based on the actual hours worked.
  • There is often a minimum number of hours that must be covered.

Value-based marketing retainer contract

  • Payment is based on the value and result of the work, not on the hours worked.
  • Focused on target achievement and ROI for the customer.

Project-based marketing retainer contract

  • Customers pay for a series of projects spread over a certain period of time.
  • Ideal for customers who require marketing services on a regular but not continuous basis.

Mixed model

  • A combination of lump sum payment and additional fees for extraordinary work or projects that go beyond the marketing retainer scope.
  • Flexibility to react to unexpected requirements.

Results-oriented model

  • Payment is partially or fully dependent on the achievement of certain performance indicators or successes.
  • Promotes a strong focus on measurable results.

The choice of billing model depends on the client’s specific goals and preferences as well as your agency’s capacity and offering. It is important that both parties reach a clear agreement on expectations, objectives and terms to ensure that the marketing retainer agreement provides valuable benefits for both parties.

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"QuoJob is a comprehensive agency solution that "doesn't leave a dry eye in the house." In addition to self-evident functions such as accounting, contact management, time recording, job organization and appointment management, we also like to use the sophisticated CRM and project management functions. The complete HR management with working time and vacation administration also runs via Quo. The fact that all agency workflows can be mapped in Quo and that all information levels are interlinked, we always have a representative picture of our entire corporate activities in real time. This makes us capable of acting at any time. We are real "Quo fans".:D"

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"As a large PR and communications agency, we have been working with QuoJob for ten years and we are very satisfied. The software is subject to regular updates in order to stay up to date. In addition, the contact persons are very competent and friendly. Can only recommend."

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"With the new QuoJob version, we got a new interface. Very modern and very easy to use. It's just amazing what the software can do! You always find more features and always have a way to expand it! The customer service is 1A! Every call does not end up in nirvana but immediately with an expert service employee. Accompaniment during the introductory phase and support afterwards can only be rated with 5 stars. I am looking forward to further cooperation and the other modules we have ordered. Thank you and thumbs up."

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Marketing retainer agency: FAQ

Is your question about our retainer for agencies still open?

Our team will be happy to help you – write to us.

With marketing retainer contracts, you always know exactly how much you will earn each month.

A marketing retainer is a fixed fee that clients pay to an agency on a monthly basis. This fee covers regular services provided by the agency, such as consulting, design, SEO, SEA, programming, etc.

Why should my agency consider retainer contracts?

Agency retainers offer many advantages: they enable smart planning, ensure a regular income, strengthen customer loyalty and simplify administrative processes. Retainers allow you to use your resources more efficiently and build long-term customer relationships.

How do marketing retainers help my agency manage the budget?

With marketing retainer contracts, you always know exactly how much you will earn each month. This helps you to plan for the long term and manage your budget better.

How do marketing retainers strengthen customer loyalty?

Marketing retainers are based on the desire for a long-lasting business relationship. Clients who sign retainer agreements often have more confidence in their agency and benefit from a consistent and predictable service.

What is the QuoJob Retainer software?

The QuoJob Retainer Software is a tool that helps agencies to manage their retainer contracts efficiently. It offers overviews, billing functions and dashboards to track the current status of retainer contracts in real time.

Can the QuoJob Retainer software also manage external costs?

Yes, with the QuoJob Retainer software you can take into account both internal and external costs, such as invoices from suppliers or freelancers.

What distinguishes a retainer agreement from a conventional project agreement?

While a project contract is usually drawn up for a one-off specific project with a fixed scope and a fixed fee, a retainer agreement represents a longer-term business relationship. The client pays a fixed fee, usually monthly, for an agreed set of services or hours.

Are retainer contracts suitable for all types of agencies?

Although retainers are particularly suitable for agencies that offer recurring services (e.g. service contracts for marketing, SEO, consulting, technical support, etc.), many types of agencies can benefit from the predictability and stability that retainers offer.

How often are retainers usually billed?

Most marketing retainer contracts are billed monthly, but the exact frequency may vary depending on the agreement between the agency and the client.

Can marketing retainer contracts be adapted to the changing needs of the customer?

Yes, retainers for agencies can be flexible. It is possible to adjust the scope of services or the number of hours of the marketing retainer over time to meet the changing needs of the client.

What risks are associated with retainer contracts?

A potential risk for agencies is that they perform more work than agreed in the retainer. It is therefore important to clearly define the scope of the retainer and ensure that both the client and the agency understand the terms.

How does a marketing retainer influence the relationship between agency and client?

A marketing retainer often fosters a deeper and closer relationship, as both parties are investing in a long-term collaboration. This can lead to better communication, trust and a stronger partnership that achieves better results.

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