The QuoJob principle: As perfect as possible, as big as necessary

The right version for every agency. You can customise your agency software thanks to the modular design of QuoJob.

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QuoJob - a tailor-made software solution

Advertising agencies are usually very similar in their basic structure, but often also very different due to international branches, the size of the workforce or the focus of their work. Different, especially in the need for technological equipment, but different also in the budgeting of planned software acquisition. We understand this and have concentrated precisely on this aspect. From a small graphics agency to a globally active consulting group, QuoTec can provide every agency with a tailor-made software solution.

Our agency software QuoJob can be put together precisely according to your individual wishes. We will convince you how easy it is to create the right individual solution for your agency from standard software. With our intelligent modular system we can perfectly adapt the software to your budget and your needs. You will only receive as many licenses, modules and tools as are necessary and useful for your work. With us, the customer decides whether to leave his data in-house or host it on a QuoTec server or that of a third-party provider.

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Clever calculation with MMVfinrate

Calculate online now the suitable financing specifically for your offer components and, if required, also include all costs for delivery or commissioning in the calculation.

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Agency software QuoJob as a purchase variant

For cloud orders, we take care of server and software installations, technical maintenance and backups for you. Once purchased, QuoJob does not mean that your agency software remains unalterable forever. On the contrary: Our aim is to maintain a close exchange with each of our customers in order to find out how well users get along with the functions and where we can expand our QuoJob tools. This has already been the case more often in response to special demand from some advertising agencies. In the past, this has resulted in either individual options or innovations from which all our agency clients have benefited. About QuoJob we see ourselves as part of your company: fully integrated and at your side as a consulting partner in the development process of your advertising or media agency.

We would be happy to put together a personal product package for you and offer you attractive purchase, leasing or hire-purchase options.

Advantages for start-ups with QuoJob agency software

Young entrepreneurs, who have just founded their agency, have to master many challenges as business founders – in addition to their actual business.
Organization, accounting, controlling, human resources, social security… for all these business processes, QuoJob can relieve you of administrative work as intelligent software for every agency size. Database-driven processes give you security and the cross-module networking of data generates enormous time savings. With QuoJob as agency software, you not only become more efficient administratively, you also save valuable time in project coordination: For example, you can compare the costs and revenues of a job at the touch of a button, create work plans and media plans or delegate tasks to team members in a matter of just a few minutes.

With special conditions for business founders and association members of AIKA and GWA, we make a concrete contribution to the promotion of young companies. As a start-up company, you can get to know and appreciate the many advantages of the best agency software QuoJob from as little as EUR 28.00 per month.

Please also ask about our purchase, rental and financing options.
By the way: With us every customer enjoys premium support, no matter if and to what extent you buy or rent QuoJob.

Do you have any questions about the agency software?

Get in touch with us. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.