Utilize our experience and QuoJob processes to optimize and strategically plan resources

As a QuoJob customer, you enjoy the special service that you also benefit from our experience as a management consultant.

Fuenf Quojob-Mitarbeiter und User sitzen am Tisch mit Laptops und Papieren und beraten sich.

Tailored to your needs

Many years before we started developing our agency software, we developed concepts for advertising, event and media agencies that helped them to successfully establish themselves on the market or to multiply their market value.

Especially agencies that have not yet worked with a central software solution, or those that are facing a fundamental structural change, require a thorough analysis before the software version is “tailored” to their needs. How do we do this? The first step is to determine the individual needs on the agency side; these are included in a needs analysis. In doing so, we not only consider economic aspects, but the entire corporate structure: How are positions filled, how are they executed, what is your core business and how do the processes in the agency work? Decades of experience have usually already shown us the first deficits here – or rather: dormant potential for process optimization.

It is precisely this potential that needs to be tapped

We summarize the results of the analysis and develop a holistic concept consisting of
  • individual process optimization
  • introduction of agency-wide standards and
  • the personal support of change management

QuoJob support: workshops and coaching

Fundamental change needs to be well thought-out, above all it should be supported by the team of your advertising, event or media agency, because success starts with all of your employees – creative professionals, production managers, project managers, controllers, accountants, office and personnel managers – internalising what needs to change and why and how. Agility is the first key to success. We therefore recommend employee training in workshops or coaching events. We show examples of how agencies of your size should be set up to work successfully – and how to achieve such a goal with our agency software. We also examine whether there is a need for individual functions that goes beyond the current status of our QuoJob modules and tools. This is then a task for our individual software development and adaptation.

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