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Our coaching services make you fit for the QuoJob agency software.

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Our coaching services make you fit for the QuoJob agency software

As an advertising, event or media agency, it is essential to introduce all employees of your agency or marketing company in detail to how QuoJob works in order to be able to apply all the advantages of our intelligent software solution. Both individual and group training courses are suitable for this. In large agencies it may be advisable to structure the group training courses according to areas or departments, for example for

  • accounting
  • HR managers
  • executive managers and controllers and for
  • project managers
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Hands-on agency software: Practical knowledge for all employees

It is beneficial for the success of the training if all participating teams of your advertising, event or media agency are equipped with a computer workstation during the software training. This way, individual modules can be tried out and learned at the same time. We have experienced that ‘learning by doing’ reduces threshold fears, generates immediate personal learning success in the initial use of our agency software and sustainably consolidates the content learned. Questions that arise about interactive links and system-related processes can thus be answered on the spot.

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T E A M S P I R I TInvolving employees in change management

We know from change management how important measures are to actively involve employees of companies and agencies in planned changes. The greater this connection is, the more productive is the subsequent identification with the resulting tasks. With our team training courses, we also create a group experience that, as scientifically proven, acts as a motivator. Edith Stein writes about this in her book “Philosophy of Psychology and the Humanities”: “The transfer of motivations from one subject to another is only understandable if there is mutual understanding between them. … The experience of one and that of the other must only be in the relationship between execution and comprehension. … Thus in the ‘exchange of ideas’ a joint thinking unfolds that is no longer experienced as an experience of one or the other, but as our common thinking. “All scientific activity takes place in this form.” – What does this mean in today’s agency life?

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Software training in today's daily agency routine

Edith Stein’s insights mean nothing else than that group dynamics contribute to understanding each other as a team and to internalizing the importance of working with agency software. For example, in the time recording of each individual employee in a business context or that transparent work in project management enables synergies and efficiency.

An agency software stands for networked functions, efficient results and individual added value; a professionally managed advertising agency works in exactly the same way. Sharing the agency software increases awareness of teamwork and understanding of the importance of the agency software for the success of the company.

However, we do not only conduct coaching within the framework of the introduction of QuoJob as software for organization, administration and communication, accounting, human resources and controlling as well as project management, creation and production. Our workshops also like to be used in the run-up, i.e. within the context of needs analysis. This means that not only is the management level concerned with the status of process optimization, but every single employee: from office management, personnel managers, accountants and controllers, to project managers, the creative team and producers.

All our training courses and workshops are held either on your premises or at QuoTec’s Coaching Center in Ratingen. We warmly welcome you to join us!

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