QuoJob agency software – indispensable for project managers in advertising agencies

Keep track of projects, deadlines and customer requests anytime and anywhere!

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Simplify your daily agency life

As a customer consultant or project manager, you juggle customer requests, deadlines and employee planning day in, day out. In order to be able to react to changes at any time, you must always have all relevant processes of your advertising, event or media agency in focus. But how do you do that: Keep track of everything, even though you are often tied up on the road or in meetings, have to represent a colleague and the date for the new campaign is right around the corner?

A professional agency software like QuoJob manages this balancing act. This intelligent and multifunctional system offers you all imaginable instruments to cope with your diverse everyday agency life.

And not just that! QuoJob can do even more as a web-based software solution for agencies and marketing companies. It links the modules with each other and guides you to your goal faster in the interaction.

For example, QuoJob’s contact database provides you not only with a collection of addresses and contact persons, but – networked with other modules – the basis for creating jobs, arranging customers and project deadlines and storing them in the calendar, creating supplier inquiries and orders, customer quotations and invoices.

With just one click, you can create tasks from commissioned quotations, which you can, for example, assign to the employees in the creative department; you have an immediate overview of the workload of your colleagues and avoid incorrect planning. With the Profit Quick Check you always have control over costs, hourly consumption and the status of the tasks.

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Organisational talent QuoJob for sales, analysis and PR

Just as you can assign a briefing, history, appointments, tasks and employees to each job/project, you can also use QuoJob as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and manage your customer and sales activities via this agency software. This way, you leave nothing up to chance: Your meetings, whether internal or on site with (potential) customers, are documented centrally and without loss of time, and are also available to other employees if required. Handwritten notes can no longer be lost; other colleagues also have the option of recording events such as appointments, to-dos or comments at any time. This creates a dynamic chronicle that enables you to carry out sales-relevant surveys and adapt your sales strategy to the particularities of your respective target group. As a result, you no longer prioritize measures and customers of your advertising agency on gut feeling, but based on collected facts.

These networked tools also benefit the PR measures for your company, for example by assigning all your contacts to categories such as newsletter and mailing dispatch or press releases.

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Networked around the world at any time with the mobile software solution

Project managers or sales employees have to travel a lot and have to be able to operate from any location. With our mobile software solution QuoJob mobile you always have your digital job folder with you. No matter where you are, you can present your project plan to your customer in a relaxed way, can have to-dos remind you of your deadlines and have all appointments and contacts always available. This also applies if your prospective customer or new customer is based abroad. This is no problem for QuoJob either. Multilingual and currency modules allow you to create quotations and invoices in no time at all, even in foreign languages.

10 reasons why consultants are more successful with QuoJob:

  • Customer/lead database
  • Supplier database
  • Create cover letters, quotations, order confirmations, invoices
  • Calculation module with stored price list for internal services / price lists for differentiation of sales for customers
  • Calendar for scheduling
  • HR tool/module for viewing holiday plans in a team
  • Create jobs / briefings with PDF function and task delegation/assignment
  • Note down your own to-dos – with appointment reminder
  • Schedule milestones in the PM tool
  • Multilingual and currency modules

Do you have any questions about the agency software?

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