With the QuoJob agency software you hold all the reins

You and QuoJob support the agency with many administrative tasks. The MyDay module becomes an essential tool for you. You see at a glance who is not in the office today and why.

Rechner und Handy zeigen QuoJob-Mytime-User-Interface mit illustrierten Elementen drum herum

Administration in good hands

Your sales staff are on a business trip, your managing directors and project managers are with the customer – and your creative team finalizes documents that have to be delivered by messenger, and the phone keeps ringing. Scenarios as they are the order of the day in advertising and communication agencies. Hectic, appointments, short-term decisions. Especially in such situations, it is important that the office management of the agency remains calm and clear.

With QuoJob, the software for advertising, media and communication agencies, you are well equipped for a demanding day at the office. Thanks to the central platform to which all your employees are connected, no more information is lost. Even activities that occurred the day before after closing time will not escape your attention, because all important processes are documented by the team in your agency software. This way you can start the new day relaxed: While your coffee is still running through the machine, the QuoJob “day ticket” is enough to give you an overview of things.

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Well organised thanks to the QuoJob database

Under “MyDay” you will find all upcoming appointments, tasks and your personal to-dos. In addition, you can immediately see who is absent on that day due to an appointment, holiday or illness. If new appointments, to-dos or sick notifications arise, enter these directly in MyDay without first having to change to another menu item. Do you need some time out in between? Then simply fill out your holiday application on MyDay. To avoid time overlaps, just click on the QuoJob holiday planner: Here you can see all requested and approved vacation days of your coworkers.

Special personal occasions such as birthdays, company anniversaries and employment anniversaries are quickly lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday agency life. Such mishaps are avoided thanks to your QuoJob database. Birthdays are stored in every contact file and automatically linked to the calendar. MyDay will inform you in advance so that there is enough time to prepare congratulations and presents.

In addition, you also stay on the safe side legally, because with QuoJob you manage and document all personal data.

Kalenderblatt 31. Januar

Never forget an agency appointment again with the QuoJob calendar

As an office manager, you manage the central calendar in your advertising, communication or event agency. You see your appointments and those of your colleagues if necessary. Invite an entire team to a meeting with just one click. QuoJob helps you to identify bottlenecks and avoid lengthy and often unnecessary discussions about scheduling. In one step, you book the conference room and the necessary technology.

The team structure in advertising, communication and event agencies is similar, but the areas of activity vary. For example, there are agencies in which only the accounting department or the project manager enters and releases incoming invoices in QuoJob. Sometimes, however, this is also a case for office management, which parks the external cost invoices and informs the responsible project managers for approval. And because nobody can remember everything, the to-do function of your QuoJob agency software helps you to organize yourself or send reminders to colleagues.

Ten reasons for QuoJob as agency software for office management

  • MyDay provides all daily information at a glance, including an overview of absent employees (vacation, illness, business trip...)
  • Quick access to all contact data
  • Correspondence is child's play and can always be created in a CD-compliant fashion
  • Central calendar management for transparent and error-free scheduling
  • Database-supported parking of incoming invoices
  • Currency module saves the need for manual conversion of foreign currency
  • HR tool/module for viewing holiday plans in a team
  • Simple creation of projects in the job module
  • Note down your own to-dos – with appointment reminder
  • Practical e-mail and document upload in the job file

Do you have any questions about the agency software?

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