With QuoJob agency software you always have an eye on sales and costs

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One system for more efficiency

Accounting, controlling, management – these are the areas of an advertising agency where a central database-based agency software is most urgently needed. Almost everything revolves around planning, capacity utilization, resources, strategy and finances. As CEO, you are not only under pressure to succeed in your day-to-day business, you are also responsible for future-oriented corporate management. This means for you to always be one step ahead of your competitors and your employees.

QuoJob, the software for advertising, event and communication agencies, offers you all the tools you need to reach your goals more efficiently. Success begins in every company with well thought-out structures and efficient process design. In agencies that live on creative services, the workflow quickly becomes confusing and inefficient. With our web-based agency software, all areas of your agency benefit from data networking, speed and transparency.

QuoJob reflects your entire day-to-day work at the agency – and as the agency’s executive management and supervisory body, you have the perfect insight into all processes.

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Manage your company easily

Besides the contact module, in which all partners – customers, suppliers, employees – of your advertising agency are stored, the job module plays a central role in our software solution, because all activities that arise in the agency are assigned to a job. This applies to the hours incurred by employees as well as to income and expenses. This closes gaps before they even occur. Example Personnel costs: In QuoJob, these are stored in the accounting tool as posted expenses. At the same time, you can analyse how an employee’s personnel costs in the company are refinanced or amortized: by displaying the hours posted from time recording in the Controlling module and comparing the revenues from these services using the A/R invoices.

Easily query and record complex processes

QuoJob’s reporting covers all business-relevant processes of your agency. In just a few minutes, for example, you can call up jobs with costing and hours entered, you can include or hide external services, view all orders according to customer sorting and oversee the billing status of your jobs. Furthermore, the controlling module of our agency software offers you the possibility to call up commercial key data according to units and to segment all data with time and status filters, among other things. At the touch of a button, QuoJob shows you the entire receivables and liabilities of your advertising, media, event or communications agency on a daily basis, and in addition to liquidity planning also a special management report.

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Fit for the future with QuoJob!

Analyses of the development of your agency personnel are linked to the Human Resources module. These include salary increases as well as training measures, vacation quotas or bonuses for operational reasons (benefits due to length of service, etc.). When it comes to promoting young talent and employee retention, with QuoJob you always have a reliable ‘assistant’ at your side.

And because human resources is a sensitive issue, our agency software not only supports you in planning your personnel requirements and managing your employees, but can also be set up so that you can assign responsibility in this area to your employees without having to disclose sensitive data thanks to individually adjustable access rights.

Our agency software even makes your marketing and sales activities easier: Categorize your contacts in the database with a simple click for newsletters, mailing campaigns or press releases. QuoJob provides you with all the contact information you need for your action.

Get ready for the future!

As CEO of your advertising or media agency, you are often on the move and must be able to act independently of your location. With our mobile/web-based software solution QuoJob mobile you always have your digital job portfolio with you. No matter where you are, you can comfortably present all information to your business partner, be reminded of your to-dos and deadlines and have all appointments and contacts always available. – With QuoJob as agency software you are fit for the future!

10 reasons why you need QuoJob as agency software for your management

  • Fast and up-to-date availability of all business data
  • Preparation of a special management report
  • Call up all jobs, filtered by job status and time if desired
  • Representation of sales by agency department (units)
  • Target/actual comparison of projects, optionally with or without consideration of external services
  • Statistics on capacities and capacity utilization of employees
  • List of all sick notifications and vacation entitlements, filterable by period and employee
  • Employee status with salary development, position, training measures
  • View all birthdays and anniversaries of the agency staff
  • Location-independent access to all agency data thanks to browser-supported software

Do you have any questions about the agency software?

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