QuoJob - an agency software as individual as your business.

Basic. Business. Professional. Extended. Small. Medium. Large. Whatever you want to call it. In the end, the degree of individualization of agency software often comes down to the question: Do you need five or 5 000 5,000 licenses, one module or all of them? Our answer to this is: Only as many as you really need.

Blick durch eine Glasscheibe auf einen Arbeitsbereich mit mehreren Computern. Im Büro unterhalten sich 3 Männer und 3 Frauen.

Only as many as you really need

his is our credo when it comes to offering our agency software QuoJob to interested parties. The actual individualization, the perfect adaptation to the workflows your employees deal with every day, however, begins with the question of the number of licenses. We keep our promise “More time for real Business” not only through our attractive pricing, but above all through the practically unlimited combination possibilities of our numerous QuoJob modules. For you, this means that you invest in the required modules only once – and all employees with the appropriate license can use them.

You will need many of the functions of an agency software. Others will be of no relevance to you. Before we offer you a solution with QuoJob, we analyse your processes. What do you do? What do you need? An agency software will only significantly optimize your business if it can cover all areas of your daily business routine. You’re not sure at first? No problem, modules and licenses can be ordered or extended at any time.

Illustration von Quojob-Modulaufbau, Kran links hebt einzelne Elementbausteine von Software an

Our Solution: intelligent and modular

To achieve this, we have developed a software concept for agencies that is completely modular. We could also say: an intelligent modular system that is constantly being expanded. Together we define the required functions and put together a configuration for you. As a result, YOUR QuoJob version covers exactly the features you need – the individual features and none you don’t need. Everything is exactly tailored to your needs. – You don’t buy a passenger plane if all you want to do is to fly a kite.

Abbildung des User Interface der QuoJob-Webanwendung mit illustrierten Elementen

Optimizing agency processes – with modules and tools from QuoJob

QuoJob is a web-based application that maps all business processes of an advertising, communication or event agency. Database-supported and with automated processes, it bundles and simplifies many processes – both in project management and in operational organization and administration.

Web-based application

including these modules
  • „Jobs“ (for creating and managing projects, costing and quotations, scheduling and task assignment, creating project plans with milestones, briefings and meeting reports…)
  • „MyTime“ (for time recording of hours worked)
  • „MyDay“ (overview of all tasks, own to-dos and appointments for the day, displays absent employees, integrated calendar function) Contacts (contact information and contacts of all customers and suppliers, interested parties and employees)
  • „HR“ (contact information for all employees)
  • „Accounting“ (accounting, posting, financial transfer, payments, dunning)
  • „Controlling“ (detailed reports for analysis/evaluation in the areas of profit, accounting, human resources)
  • „Extras“ (extra tools depending on license and access rights)
  • "Contacts" (contact information and contact persons of all customers and suppliers, interested parties and employees)


We have aroused your curiosity and you would like to get to know our agency software QuoJob interactively? Then seize this opportunity to request our demo version free of charge and without obligation! And don’t be afraid to ask us questions; we aim to provide you with the best possible advice right from the start.

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