With QuoJob, the software for creative people more time for core business

Your working day mainly involves creativity. QuoJob takes care of all the rest. You can see all your appointments and tasks at the beginning of the day with just a single click in the MyDay module

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With QuoJob, the software for creative people more time for core business

The creative sector, consisting of concept designers, copywriters, editors, photographers, designers, film and online specialists, is usually the core of every advertising or communication agency. The administrative flanks of the company are only growing gradually. Sure, because the agency earns its money mainly with creative services. And that is precisely why it is important to know how high the cost-benefit ratio really is – and where resources may still be dormant.

Now copywriters and graphic designers are not primarily concerned with commercial processes. However, they should be aware that their working time is twice as valuable with a well thought-out workflow and precise time recording. With our agency software QuoJob these tasks become child’s play. QuoJob is an intelligent system that is interlinked in terms of content in such a way that a great time benefit is generated with little administrative effort – in all departments of a marketing or advertising agency.

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QuoJob: Optimise agency processes with time recording and transparency

Using QuoJob as a software solution in your agency saves time and money. In creation, for example, this is reflected in a clear job briefing that is stored in the project and can be viewed by all team members. It clearly defines the framework for what is to be created in what form and by when. How is usually worked out in an idea meeting. Each team member finds the date in the QuoJob calendar or notes it in the assigned project task. Ideally, the project manager has already defined how much time is available for the individual subtasks. When recording the hours worked, every employee knows whether he or she is still in the “green” or already in the “red” range, i.e. whether he or she is still within the specified time limit or already above it.

Time planning – it's a breeze

The time recording at QuoJob was adapted to the needs of creative people in an advertising or marketing agency. This means that the handling is simple, easy and designed in such a way that it does not impair the creative processes. It is up to you which feature of this function is selected. Our web-based agency software offers on the one hand the possibility of time recording via the timer, which is simply activated by clicking and runs until it is stopped again by clicking. Genuinely simple. Then the accumulated time is automatically recorded in the selected job. You can then enter job details and the activity type as an option. Another option is to book times using the “My Time” tool. However, this presupposes that the start and end times must be carefully observed for various projects.

And if it gets late again in the agency because the final version of a layout, text or concept is still being worked on until the last minute, the time recording definitely falls by the wayside. Then QuoJob mobile, which can be received anywhere via a web browser, or our agency software QuoJob as an app. This also allows you to conveniently record your time by smartphone or tablet.

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Always up to date with QuoJob

If you want to get an overview of your daily tasks in the morning, our agency software provides you with all appointments, tasks and your own to-dos in the “My Day” module.

Information for job handling, such as “contact persons at the customer“ or at “participating suppliers“, is also stored transparently in the job. Our QuoJob agency software is at your side even when you join a project that has already begun, whether you are on holiday or on sick leave. In the selected job, for example, you will find the “job description, status information (job history)“ and next steps at a glance. Uploaded documents and e-mails can be viewed in the “correspondence tool“ and the results of meetings held can be viewed in the meeting report. With QuoJob you won’t miss any information; in no time at all you have all the facts as if you had never been away…

10 reasons why creatives in agencies no longer want to do without QuoJob

  • Clear presentation of job briefing, status and tasks
  • Calendar with an overview of which jobs are due when
  • Disposition aid with time specification for individual works
  • Uncomplicated and fast time recording
  • Guidance through milestones in the project plan
  • Team overview, who is being worked with
  • Holiday overview for team planning
  • Create and deposit correspondence
  • View and create meeting reports
  • Under Correspondence: Filing of external documents and e-mails

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