QuoJob from A to Z

The communications industry is diverse and quite different in its corporate architecture: Small think tanks have different needs than large networks; an event agency differs from a creative agency in many ways in terms of its organizational structure. And why should a small agency pay as much for its management software as a large one? Exactly. That’s what we said to ourselves, too! Use our intelligent modular system to select your personal favourites of a QuoJob license configuration.

You pay an absolutely transparent price, which depends exactly on your wishes, requirements and your budget. It doesn’t get any fairer than this – and that’s good.

We have put together the following list of all modules and features that are available to you as standard or as an optional extra.

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Agency software as individual as your company

Choose your personal favourite QuoJob licence configuration with the help of our intelligent modular system. You pay an absolutely transparent price that is based precisely on your wishes, requirements and budget. It couldn’t be fairer – and it couldn’t be better either.

We have compiled a list of all the modules and features that are available to you as standard or as an optional extra.

Features that are included in all versions of QuoJob

Depending on your preferred version (Basic, Business, Professional, Extended), QuoJob offers these functions as standard.

Business Development

Enables the evaluation and processing of marketing actions and pitches as well as the analysis of potential orders, follow-up orders and new business campaigns

Ddata export

Enables the data transfer of reports, contact data and documents to all conventional spreadsheets and word processors

E-Mail client

Send and receive emails with attachments and assign messages to jobs or contacts with the ability to create designs and templates. The client has its own directory system. Supports the protocols POP3/POPS and IMAP/IMAPS.

Human resources professional

Extension of the employee administration by possible storage and evaluation of e.g. overtime arrangements, special payments and resources assigned to employees. The filing of exact qualifications and further training for employees and applicants is also possible.

Contact and acquisition management

Convenient creation and maintenance of all contacts, including commercial master data, Extensive selection and action options such as mail merge, personalized mass e-mail, document storage and export functions.

Correspondence management

Correspondence, e-mails, faxes, serial mailings, status reports and more – simply create them on your letterhead with the software.

Customer-specific price listsn

Creation and maintenance of customer-specific sales prices including automatic updating of discounts and surcharges and markdowns.

Open items and dunning

Monitoring and processing of incoming payments, open items and reminders Reports, statistics, liquidity forecast and semi-automated dunning run including

Project Management

Automatic creation of tasks, milestones, simple control of employee capacities and a graphical project plan incl. status report; additional automatic information flow to participating employees according to their access rights

Quogle (internal search engine)

Search function within the system, search terms can be searched in all files and documents, for example also in appointments.

QuoJob Mobile / App

Enables the processing of appointments, contacts, to-dos and time recording on mobile devices


Get a reminder for appointments or todo´s with short messages – simple and uncomplicated. SMS-contigents are optionally available in various volumes


Collection of preselected contacts in a telemarketing campaign to be processed by several employees including direct processing of contact data and the possibility of note entries

Extra functions

QuoTec is known for adapting to the requirements and wishes of its customers – marketing departments, advertising, event or media agencies – down to the last detail. Last but not least, from our experience as management consultants, we know exactly what is important for tailor-made software for organization and administration, consulting and sales, project coordination and production, human resources as well as accounting and controlling. This always results in new tools and features that make your everyday life easier. With the following additional options you can put together your very own personal software package – premium service included! As you know, every one of our clients enjoys this luxury; after all, you have chosen the best agency software.


Allows data to be exchanged with external applications such as time booking systems via standardized functions. The protocol is JSON-RPC, so that applications can be connected to practically all platforms including purely browser-based systems. Users of the external application must log in with their QuoJob access and can only access data that they are also authorized to access in QuoJob.

Customized – modules only for your agency

Individually and personally. We develop your own personal modules according to your specific requirements and needs as a supplement to your QuoJob standard version. We guarantee the highest quality even for demanding
tasks. Of course, all add-ons developed by us are maintenance-free and suitable for updates. A complete module is too much for you? No problem. We would also be happy to discuss and implement additions, adaptations and changes with you personally.


Creation of files for the transfer of direct debits and transfers into the software of your house bank.

Purchase professional

Extension for production-intensive inquiries of external services; allows the creation of object catalogues from different object descriptions in supplier inquiries and to send them directly from the system. Variants and alternative requests are also taken into account as well as different types of services.


The transmission of QuoJob invoices in electronic format to external systems; so that the payment process to your customers and suppliers is completely paperless. In the standard version, this is available for the following providers: Tungsten Network, Tradeshift, OB10 GmbH.

E-cash journal

Recording and creation of your cash transactions. Sequential numbering, calculation of sales and input tax and netting of entries are automated.

Extended file storage (former automatic folder creation)

With this QuoJob module, it is possible to store for contacts (e.g. customers), projects, jobs and tasks. The file system, Dropbox or FTP can be used as an external storage location. This makes it possible for large amounts of data to be handled easily and centrally.

Financial accounting export interface

Interface to transfer all relevant QuoJob documents into your financial accounting software or to your tax consultant. By default, we supply DATEV, Lexware, diamond and SAP formats.

Financial accounting interface import

Another feature allows you to import incoming invoice data in DATEV format from your financial accounting software for further processing in QuoJob. This means that your internal accounting department can continue to make all incoming invoice postings with the familiar financial accounting software, without having to do without the project-related costs in all QuoJob reports and later charging on.

Liquidity planning

Allows you to preview all costs and revenues for any period, including controlling reports.


Several autonomous companies can be managed in one QuoJob installation This comes in handy if common data sources, such as user, contact and calendar functions, are to be accessed within a company group. All other modules and features are separated from others by the respective client and can be used as an independent installation.


With this handy supplement, you can conveniently handle media publications and with transparent time / cost and distribution plans it is easy for you to keep an overview at all times.


Enables the multilingual output of QuoJob documents and the use of different languages on the user interface of the software. Date and time comparison for different clients, according to a geographical location
(time zones), is automatically included. This component is currently available in German, English, French, Spanish and Dutch.


Allows timing of projects including deadlines and reminder functions.

Ticket-system integration

This module enables the synchronization of jobs, tickets, time recording and contacts between QuoJob and ticketing tools. By default, we currently offer the connection to “JIRA” and “Redmine”. Further interfaces to systems of other manufacturers on request.

Unfinished services

The module function for unfinished services enables you to periodically valuate services that are not yet saleable, but for which production costs have already been incurred. If a service (a project /job, consulting service, etc.) extends over a longer period, it is necessary to evaluate the part that has already been completed. The evaluation can be based on material and working hours. A potential profit surcharge may not be taken into account.

Currency module

You would like to create your offers and invoices in other currencies, but you do not want to do without all the usual QuoJob statistics? No problem – our currency module converts all currencies, displays foreign currencies in documents and on command in (interface) views. The update will be automatically updated at the ECB for all currencies or for single ones on command. Business data is calculated and displayed in the respective client or agency currency. Alternatively this is also available with the client and multilingual module.

Recurring invoices (WKR)

Administration and central billing of periodically recurring services.

Do you have any questions about the agency software?

Get in touch with us. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.