With QuoJob accounting software, creativity and profitability are no longer a contradiction in terms

With the QuoJob agency software you can easily and quickly record and search for receipts, invoices and documents.

QuoJob-User sitzen an Tisch mit Tablet, Statistiken und Taschenrechner

Recurring invoices – invoicing support

Turnover and revenues, depreciation and business assets, accounting and accounting, profit and loss account – this is the world in which accountants and tax consultants feel comfortable. To enable them to carry out their work conscientiously and in accordance with legal regulations, extensive accounting software is required. With the agency software QuoJob you can easily and securely record all documents and processes: From incoming and outgoing invoices, to cash receipts in the cash book, to the assignment of the respective payments. Our accounting software supports you as a processor with a clear and logically structured user interface. This means that you always have all the details of each document in view.

The agency accounting with QuoJob also makes it easier to create monthly recurring invoices. Especially for small amounts, the expense of accounting is inefficient, sometimes causing more expense than benefit. With QuoJob’s accounting module, the “water under the bridge” is now a thing of the past. The system generates hundreds of recurring invoices for you fully automatically with a single keystroke.

Searching for a specific transaction is also child’s play with the QuoJob accounting system. Instead of working through countless paper documents, you simply search the filter according to the criterion of your choice such as invoice type, invoice status, date, contact, document or booking number. The tool shows you the desired information in no time.

Illustration Finanzen zeigt aufgehäufte Geldstückchen

With QuoJob you have all finances in view

For order in payment transactions, the QuoJob agency software offers you the option of storing your existing accounts with details of the bank details. For incoming and outgoing amounts, simply select the respective account, enter the date and amount – done. The payment is allocated to the document. Partial amounts can also be linked very easily in this way.

Alternatively, you can execute electronic banking directly via QuoJob. Using the e-banking module of our agency software, you can easily generate transfer or direct debit files for your bank. For the monthly advance return for tax on sales/purchases, you carry out the financial accounting export and transfer all documents to Financial Accounting via an interface (DATEV, Elster…). With the Fibu export you also automatically transmit the uploaded original documents.

Automated dunning process become more efficient

In the case of late payment, you do not have to deal with time-consuming reminders. The QuoJob agency software does this for you, simply at the push of a button, and generates a dunning run including various dunning levels, displays overviews of all incoming and outgoing invoices and creates lists of open items. If you operate with foreign partners and means of payment, QuoJob saves you the annoying tasks of converting foreign currencies with its currency module.

Ten reasons for QuoJob as accounting software

  • Quick access to all contact data
  • Database-supported entry, account assignment and posting of incoming and outgoing invoices with direct job assignment
  • Management of a cash journal for cash expenditures and receipts
  • Currency module for automated conversion from/to foreign currency
  • Practical upload of digitized incoming invoices and receipts within the booking process
  • Easy creation of bank accounts and assignment of payments/partial payments
  • Fast and up-to-date overview of upcoming due dates for receivables and payables
  • Automated creation of open item lists and activation of the dunning system
  • Overview of billing status of services performed
  • Interface integration for financial accounting export (in systems such as DATEV) and eBanking

Do you have any questions about the agency software?

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